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2023 Evaluation 

August 10-11, 2022 @ BAC

 Please note that Parents WILL NOT be allowed to be at  evaluation.  Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. 

Players please bring:  Bat, glove, helmet, and tennis shoes. 

Evaluations Dates:


8/10 Wednesday 9U-11U Evaluation Times

3:30PM     9U Check-in Begins

4:00PM     9U Check-in Closes and players will have 5 more minutes to warm up

5:30PM     10 & 11U Players begin check-in

5:55PM      9U Player Pickup by Batting Cages

6:00PM      10 & 11U Check-in closes and players will have 5 more minutes to warm up

7:55PM      10 & 11U Player Pickup by Batting Cages


8/11 Thursday 12U-15U Evaluation Times

3:30PM     14/15U Check-in Begins

4:00PM     14/15U Check-in Closes and players will have 5 more minutes to warm up

5:30PM     12 & 13U Players begin check-in

5:55PM      14/15U Player Pickup by Batting Cages

6:00PM      12 & 13U Check-in closes and players will have 5 more minutes to warm up

7:55PM      12 & 13U Player Pickup by Batting Cages


This evaluation will be used to determine our Gopher State (travel) teams of 9U-14U for Spring 2023. If your child makes the Gopher State team; they will be notified this fall.  In-House teams will be determined in the spring of 2023.

* We will collect jersey and volunteer checks in the spring at the Parents Meeting.

* Please attend Evals even if you are only interested in In-house league, this also helps us to create teams for the spring.

* If you can not attend the Flexx Ball evaluation on August 10th or 11th and would like to be considered for Gopher State, you must still register for evaluations.  This is the list the coaches will ues to contact players to do a coaches evaluation night to finalize their teams.  More information on times and dates to come.

Cost: $10


Benefits to Evaluations:

1.     Even if you don’t want to be on a Gopher State team, you get a professional Evaluation that will identify areas of strengths and weaknesses

2.     You get to track your scores from year to year with your own FLEXBALL “profile”

3.     Evaluation scores will be used to select and balance our In-House teams

4.     For $10, you get to play a high level of baseball for a night with professional Evaluators

Top 6 scores will be automatically selected (and/or asked) to play on Gopher State teams.


Any questions about registration, please contact Vern Johnson


Evaluation Scoring

Becker Baseball will now being using an outside evaluation company called Flexxball. Please see information below on their process.

Evaluation Overview

The purpose of evaluations is to determine a players current abilities and skill level.  Players are evaluated on baseball fundamentals that include hitting, fielding, throwing, pitching, catching, and base running.  Players are evaluated and scored by volunteers on abilities in ball fielding and catching mechanics, throwing mechanics, hitting mechanics, pitching mechanics, and base running.  During evaluations the players will participate in five stations with the age group they qualify for at the include the following:  throwing and catching, fielding, hitting, pitching, and base running.


Purpose of Evaluation Scores

It is important for all players to participate in evaluations.  Evaluations determine a player score which is used for both in-house and competitive teams. Quad City teams (In-House/Non-Travel) are determined through a draft process. Scores help coaches make their selections during this process.  Players who score at the top six automatically make a travel team at their age level. The remaining players are chosen by the travel team coach.   

Evaluations is also important in being able to track your child's progress.  Flexx Ball creates a locker for your child and you are able to see their scores from year to year to see their areas of strength and weaknesses.

What if a Player is Not Able to Attend Evaluations?

If a player is not able to evaluate they will not be selected as a board pick for a competitive team (Gopher State).  They may still be a coach's pick.  The player MUST be register for the 2023 Evaluations (link found at top of page) even if they cannot attend the evaluation day.  You will not be charged the $10.  The coaches will have their own evaluation night to pick the final 6 players for their team and will use the evaluation registration to contact players who are interested in Gopher State to attend.

A player who does not evaluate, and is not chosen for a competitive team, will then be placed on an In-House (Quad City) team in alphabetic order to fill out the teams and will not be available to be drafted by the coaches.  Quad City Teams will be announced in the spring.

Difference Between Quad City League (In-House) and Gopher State League (Competitive)

Quad City League (In-House)  is a local competitive league that consists of area community teams that include Clear Lake, Monticello, Big Lake, and Foley.  Families often elect to play in this league due to less traveling commitments and weekend tournaments.  Teams in this league will play two games a week and typically one practice a week.  There is also an end of the season tournament. 

Gopher State League (Competitive) is a more competitive league ran by the Minnesota Youth Athletic Services.  Travel commitments in this league may include outside area communities such as St. Michael, Buffalo, Mora, St. Francis, Braham, Chisago Lakes, Sauk Rapids, St. Cloud, Alexandria and others.  Travel teams often play two weekly games with 2 or more practices a week.  Most travel teams will often play in four or more tournaments that take place on weekends.

Draft Process

Evaluations help determine a player's current skill level.  Each player will earn a score based on each evaluation station.  Player scores help coaches determine their picks for the upcoming season.  The draft process also helps to keep player ability balanced amongst each division team.  Once coaches have met and went through the draft process, they will be contacting their team members.

Spring Evaluations 2022

Please us the website below to add this years evaluation to your players locker:



 Each player will have access to their own player locker where all of their results from evaluations will be stored.  In addition their player lockers can include personal info such as height, jersey size, GPA, goals and even videos that highlight their skills for potential college coaches.  

Flexx Ball is a progressive testing and training program dedicated to helping athletes reach their potential. Through our testing we can identify where you are among your peers, what are your  strengths and weaknesses, and give recommendations based on results. It is hard to get where you want to go, if you don't know where you are at!

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Flexxball offers elite testing and training evaluations for Associations, teams and individual athletes.    The following are tests that we perform.  Additional testing can be requested for your event!

  1. Exit Velocity

  2. Speed Testing (With Lasers)

  3. Arm Strength

  4. Pitcher Velocity (If Pitcher)

  5. Pop Time (If Catcher)

Our Flexx professional staff has over 30 years experience in the development of athletes.  Whether your goal is to play for Team USA, or making your freshman team at your high school, Flexx can help you get there.